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Medical experts slam new anti-vaxxer claims

The Australian Medical Association has dismissed claims from anti-vaxxers which say vaccines contain by-products of aborted fetuses.

The Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network has labelled immunisation a “moral evil” and is calling for taxpayer handouts.

Dr Tony Bartone, Vice President of the Australian Medical Association, tells Chris Kenny there is no truth to the claims.

“The embryos from contemporary abortions are in no way used in the production of vaccines.

“Vaccines have been tested and approved by one of the most stringent safety authorities in the world. We have an evidence-based product that’s been thoroughly tested.”

Dr Bartone says social media has a part to play in the spread of misinformation about vaccines.

“Clearly, there is a role social media plays in the spread of misinformation. Suddenly when it’s on the internet it must be gospel truth.”

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