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Medical expert ‘would be happy’ to stay in same hotel as quarantined Chinese soccer team

Australia’s deputy chief medical officer says he would stay in the same Brisbane hotel where the Chinese women’s national soccer team are currently quarantined.

The team is currently in isolation in Brisbane hotel after they travelled through the city of Wuhan, where coronavirus originated, the week before arriving in Australia.

Australia’s deputy chief medical officer Professor Paul Kelly tells Deborah Knight it’s “almost impossible” for the virus to spread through the airconditioning.

“It does spread from person to person, but not very easily it seems,” he says.

Deborah Knight: “Would you want to stay in the same hotel as the women’s soccer team?”

Professor Paul Kelly: “I’d be happy to do so, I’d be happy to walk down the corridors in that hotel, I’d be happy to swim in the pool… what I wouldn’t be happy to do without a mask would be to go into the room.”

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Image: File image – Getty/Wang He