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Meaningless workplace jargon: Have you had a gutful?

Chris Smith has spoken to listeners who are sick of meaningless jargon in the workplace.

An article in The Mercury has poked fun at common workplace phrases such as “parking a project”, “reaching out” and “playing hardball”.

Listeners were lining up to tell Chris which cliches they disliked the most.

Damien says he used to hand out cliche bingo cards to his colleagues before meetings, full of phrases management liked to overuse.

“The management thought it was actually wonderful that everybody had their head down and they were taking notes!” he says.

“Until someone turned around and went ‘bingo!’ and then he didn’t know what was going on!” laughs Chris.

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Australian Institute of Management WA CEO Professor Gary Martin tells Ben Fordham it reduces productivity.

“It’s been recently a bit like an untreated infection it just spreads everywhere.

“I think people do want to see their bosses use plain English and they’re starting to see through bosses attempts to… make themselves look good.”

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