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‘Mask slips off the tolerant left’: Rita Panahi slams GetUp abuse of Liberal candidate

Rita Panahi has slammed the horrific treatment of Nicolle Flint, by GetUp and the unions, during her fight for a marginal Adelaide seat at the federal election.

The Liberal backbencher won her seat but not before enduring abuse that made her fear for her safety.

The Australian reports her office was egged, her posters defaced, she was even labelled a prostitute and stalked to the point she had to call in the SA Police.

GetUp says they condemned the attacks at the time through a Twitter post.

Rita tells Steve Price such behaviour would discourage women from entering politics.

“It is such an ugly ordeal she has endured. They did try to break her, and really the mask slips off the tolerant left and shows just what vicious bullies they can be.

“They preach women’s rights but then they attack any woman who challenges their warped view of the world.”

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