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Mark Levy fires up over ‘ridiculous’ ABC commentary on racism and Indigenous issues

Mark Levy has criticised recent coverage of racially-charged public debate published by the public broadcaster.

In an online article, an unnamed contributor suggested recent controversy around statues of Captain Cook and settlers could be resolved by either removing, replacing, relocating or recontextualising them.

“Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous in your life?” Mark fired up.

“The ABC published those four suggestions virtually saying to everyone ‘the history of this country and white settlement should be ignored and not celebrated’. That’ll do me!”

Mark argued that the debate over statues and memorials of colonial figures is entirely political, and not about racial equality at all.

“The Indigenous people aren’t the ones running around defacing these memorials, it’s all the usual suspects on the far left.”

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Mark also took aim at the arguments used by Adelaide United Director of Football Bruce Djite on ABC television program Q&A on Monday night.

Mr Djite argued a lack of racial diversity among sports bosses contributed to the codes’ failure to eliminate racism, and claimed racism can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

Mark denied Mr Djite’s assertion, and argued for the continuation of hiring based on merit alone, not quotas.

“I respect Bruce Djite as a footballer … but his comments are way off the mark in my opinion.

“When it comes to racism in sport, yes there have been isolated incidents over the years, and they are dealt with swiftly.

“To suggest that unless the administrators have experienced it they wouldn’t understand it, I think is far-fetched.”

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Image: Australian Broadcasting Corporation