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Mark Latham: Trump is ‘getting the job done’

Mark Latham tells Warren Moore “lefties” who hate US President Donald Trump “need to realise he’s getting the job done”.

Mark says Mr Trump is making progress on national security and economic growth.

“All these lefties who hate Trump need to realise a) he’s getting the job done on national security and economic growth and b) if you want to convince the people he’s a poor president, forget about hiring investigators and get out there and campaign about issues that matter.

“Jobs, employment, national security, fighting terrorism. That’s why the American people support Trump and…I don’t see much that he’s doing wrong. ”

Mark also spoke to Warren about the continuing investigation about Russia’s potential links to the US election.

“How long is this Russian thing going to go on? 18 months they’ve been looking for the smoking gun.

“There’s not a single email or letter [which] shows evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.”

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