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Mark Latham: ‘They’ve got fundamental policy and ideological differences’

The Outsider Mark Latham says the Liberal Party is on fertile ground for policy change.

Speaking with Alan Jones, he says it’s “much needed inside the Liberal Party”.

“They’ve got fundamental policy and ideological differences.

“Looking at them, there’s no doubt the policy differences inside the Liberal Party have magnified.

“You can see how they’re conservative and progressive… you’re sort of wondering, ‘How do they belong together in the same party?’

“I think for Scott Morrison, he’s been being doing a lot of photo opportunities, that daggy dad imagery. Perhaps he’s a marketing genius?

“But the really serious thing is policy making.”

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On the Paris climate agreement, Mark says “these international agreements only work if there’s an obligation for every country to carry its weight.

“Australia’s being played as a mug here… we’re being taken as a mug with this agreement and it’s not a very good treaty for Australia.”