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Mark Latham slams ‘hopeless’ Prime Minister, says Abbott is victim of ‘poisonous conflict’

Mark Latham has slammed Malcolm Turnbull for his “massive policy failures,” saying his leadership win yesterday was “a massive own goal”.

“There were no declared challengers to the Liberal Party leadership, yet he walked into the party room and declared the position vacant,” he tells Alan Jones.

He says the current state of politics is just “economic and energy madness”.

“Frydenberg’s been a part of this madness and he should go.

“And Turnbull, consistently, on every single major issue he’s had to confront, has been hopeless.”

Coming to the defence of former prime minister Tony Abbott, he tells Alan Mr Abbott has been the victim of “a poisonous conflict with Malcolm Turnbull over many many years”.

“Tony Abbott, the nation owes him a debt of gratitude for exposing the folly of the Turnbull energy policy.

“You’d want to see Abbott back as defence minister or homeland security minister to continue his contribution on the policy front.”

“Turnbull did this to himself with massive policy failures.

“He allowed big Australia immigration to run out of control. His energy policy was an absolute mess, he did nothing to stand up to political correctness… and he did nothing for economic productivity of this nation.”

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