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Mark Latham: Politicians should have to apply for taxpayer funds

Mark Latham says strict approval systems need to be in place to prevent politicians misusing taxpayer funds.

Mr Latham tells Chris Kenny as long as entitlements are open-ended, politicians will abuse them.

The discussion comes after Liberal MP Andrew Laming took his family with him to Western Australia while on business, costing up to $13,000.

“[Politicians] should have to apply for funds and the onus of proof should be on the MP to demonstrate that yes, this is parliamentary business linked to their official duties.

“You need strict approval systems in place for travel expenses otherwise you end up with rort after rort.”

Mr Latham also slammed the left’s response to Peter Dutton’s comments on gang violence in Melbourne.

“People living in the suburbs of Melbourne are scared to go out at night. I know that from the correspondence I receive.

“The left’s response was to mock the fears of suburban people.”

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