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Man receives bizarre fine from police while buying a pie at the servo

A man’s been left reeling after he received a strange fine while stopping to buy a pie at a petrol station in Sydney’s east.

Last Friday Ben Judd came out of the servo at Woollahra only to find a police officer inspecting his car.

The officer proceeded to breathalyse and drug test him before telling him that he’d be receiving a fine of $112.

What was the fine for?

Leaving his doors unlocked and the windows of his car down.

Ben tells Chris Smith he’s “pissed off” he was fined for a law he didn’t know existed.

“I’m pretty much planning on taking it to court.

“I’m hoping it gets solved before then because I don’t wanna waste my time and the court’s time over something stupid, but I’m not gonna sit here and take this fine.”

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