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Lottoland offer profit-share deal to combat government ban

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Lottoland is appealing to newsagents to support it against the Federal Government’s plan to ban online lottery betting.

The company is offering news and lottery agents across the country 20% of profits made from overseas lotteries.

In return, Lottoland in asking for in-store advertising.

The company argues the deal would leave newsagents better off than the government ban which would see Tatts Group monopolise the industry.

“The proposed legislation will take away the right of millions of Australians to choose the way they bet online,” says Lottoland CEO Luke Brill.

“We believe that the bill hasn’t been thoroughly thought out and we believe it’s not in the interest of newsagents.”

Mr Brill tells Ray they’ll also better Tatts’ profit-sharing offer of 9% of turnover by 2%.

“Creating a monopoly is not the right thing to do”.

“It’s anti-choice and anti-competitive.”

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