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Long-lost Dr. Seuss book brought to life by Aussie artist

A long-lost Dr. Seuss book has been brought to life by an Australian artist nearly three decades after the famous children’s writer’s death.

Dr. Seuss died in 1991 but his creations continue to live on.

A few years ago a box containing an old manuscript was found detailing a story for a book called “Horse Museum”.

There were no dates on the sketches but they were believed to be drawn in the early 1950s

18 months ago publishers swore Australian artist Andrew Joyner to secrecy and asked him to illustrate the book.

He tells Alan Jones the project was top secret.

“I was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they’d even shown me what it was and I couldn’t have ever imagined that it would be an unpublished Dr. Seuss book.

“For this book, I didn’t try to copy his style… but there is some element of his drawing in my pictures.”

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Image: Random House