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Listeners open up on finding love later in life as The Bachelor gets a seniors spin-off

Seniors are getting a Bachelor spin-off to help them find love.

The US reality show is looking for men and women aged 65 and older to cast in the new series.

Listeners have called in and shared their own romance stories from later in life, proving that love doesn’t discriminate.

Winnie tells Deborah she met a man in Egypt in 1960 but they both went on to marry other people.

“Five years ago we met in Chatswood and we liked each other just as much as we did before and we’ve been partners ever since.

“He had a lot of hair then, he doesn’t have much now!”

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Relationships Australia NSW CEO Elisabeth Shaw tells Deborah Knight older people are still looking for love.

“When you look at seniors being over 65… they feel very much like they’re entering middle age!

“Repartnering at that age is very viable.”

She advises seniors not to shy away from dating websites.

“The online opportunities are just so vast.

“You can try new things. It does take more courage to step out of your comfort zone.”

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80-year-old Warren says he was married for 46 years before losing his wife to cancer.

He then found love with his wife’s friend, who invited him to play golf after she called him to congratulate him on his hole-in-one.

“I believe that my wife got that golf ball and put it in that hole.”

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