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Lions forward Eric Hipwood gears up for epic clash with the Cats at the Gabba

Brisbane Lions forward Eric Hipwood says it’s business as normal as the club eyes off a spot in the AFL Grand Final.

The Lions are looking to beat Geelong on Saturday night at the Gabba, and play in a historic Grand Final on their home turf.

Hipwood, a key forward for the club, told Neil Breen while the stakes are higher, they are treating it like any other week.

“To be able to play in Queensland is really exciting, and not only that but to be able to have finals footy in Queensland, it’s so positive for the community.”

He grew up on the Sunshine Coast, and was an active, sporty kid.

“As a kid, I wanted to play every sport possible, and at one stage mum made me decide between three sports, I think it was rugby, AFL and soccer, and I actually chose the other two.

“I got picked up from the Lions academy at 12 years old, a development program, mum and dad told me this is something serious I should be able to look at as a future career.”

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