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Liberal senator says Labor unleashed ‘unrelenting campaign’ on Michaelia Cash

WA Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds says she “witnessed first-hand the unrelenting campaign” that Labor has unleashed on Senator Michaelia Cash.

She tells Chris Kenny Senator Cash’s outburst in parliament this week is not the full story.

“I think Michaelia has again been very apologetic publicly, but that’s actually for me, not the real story.

“The real story for me is what happens behinds the scenes and what led, over many weeks and in fact many months, to actually come to that point,” she says.

“I witnessed first-hand the unrelenting campaign that the Labor members and the unions mounted against Michaelia Cash.”

Senator Reynolds admits a “toxic environment” now pervades parliament and admits she has been subject to similar behaviour.

“What people have also got to understand is the absolutely toxic environment that unfortunately now pervades the whole parliament.

“She has worn a target on her back for many, many months.

“Anyone in that circumstance would respond in a similar way.

“I know because I have been subject to similar behaviour by my ALP colleagues.”

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