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Liberal Senator Jim Molan slams ‘insane’ gender law

Liberal Senator Jim Molan has slammed a new law which would see a baby’s gender become optional on a birth certificate.

The new laws are one step closer in Tasmania, with the state’s lower house passing transgender rights reforms last night.

Liberal speaker Sue Hickey went rogue and voted against her party on the issue, siding with Labor and the Greens.

Under the legislation, Tasmanian parents would be able to leave their baby’s gender off their birth certificates.

“It is totally insane,” Liberal Senator Jim Molan tells Chris Smith.

“The beauty of the Greens are that when you think they can’t be any more stupid, they surprise you.

“It’s just unbelievable.”

The retired major general says “the illogicality is what strikes me time and time again”.

“Why can’t we leave it the way it is?

“If people find themselves… in a situation where they have to change gender, and I understand that, then for God’s sake they can make their own mind up when they get to a certain age.”

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