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Liberal MP Craig Kelly doesn’t rule out running as an independent

MP Craig Kelly won’t rule out running as an independent at the next federal election, if he loses Liberal pre-selection.

But, the New South Wales backbencher insists he’ll remain loyal for now, rejecting suggestions he could follow Julia Banks to the crossbench.

Alan Jones asked Mr Kelly if there’s an orchestrated effort by his own party to get rid of him.

“Someone trying to tip you out of that seat?” asks Alan.

“It’s a pre-selection process that we all have to go through and I’m more than happy, and actually looking forward, to be able to put my record and achievements on the line,” says the backbencher.

“I still have hope and confidence in the process.”

Asked whether he would run as an independent, Mr Kelly didn’t rule it out.

“I firstly have a contract with the people of Hughes.

“When I put my name on that ballot paper at the last election and asked people to vote for me, I was asking them to enter into a contract with me.

“And I’m going to honour that contract as long as this term of parliament goes.”

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But Mr Kelly says he will remain loyal to the Prime Minister, for now.

“I’m going to continue to advocate for the reelection of the Morrison government. Scott’s doing a fantastic job.”