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Liberal MP calls on halt of Australia-China virus research

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Liberal MP Sarah Henderson is calling on all virus research with foreign nationals to be stopped until a safety and national security review can be undertaken.

Australia is leading a global push for an independent review into the origins of COVID-19 with unsubstantiated reports it could have been created in a Wuhan lab.

The Daily Telegraph has revealed CSIRO’s bio-containment facility in Geelong, Victoria, has been engaging in Australian and Chinese government-funded research, together with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Ms Henderson told Chris Smith that although the CSIRO have meticulous biosecurity measures a review is required.

“There is an increasing recognition that human error in high biocontainment laboratories could possibly trigger a pandemic threat, and while we don’t know the cause of the coronavirus we obviously have to take every bit of care.

“We have to keep our minds open to every possibility.”

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