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Pauline Hanson: Liberal leadership change will determine ‘how many seats are saved’ at next election

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says a leadership change will make a huge difference to the Coalition as they confront the next election.

Rumours have been circulating that another Liberal leadership challenge will happen by early Thursday morning.

Senator Hanson has confirmed the whispers but says Peter Dutton won’t launch another challenge unless he has the numbers to win.

Mr Dutton has admitted to “working the phones” since his first bid to win the top job failed on Tuesday.

Senator Hanson says a change of leader will make a huge difference to the Coalition’s chances at the next election.

“It will determine how many seats are saved at the next election.

“They don’t want Malcolm Turnbull. They believe he’s not a leader, they don’t like him.”

She says Malcolm Turnbull is in “dire straits” and won’t lead the Coalition to the next election.

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Senator Hanson has also welcomed a defeat of the government’s plan to get corporate tax cuts through the Senate.

“To bring in these corporate tax cuts… to reduce it from 30 per cent to 25 per cent, I think it’s too far along and I’m concerned about the state of the economy.”

She says she has spoken to “international CEOs” from major businesses and they’re “not interested in corporate tax cuts”.

“That’s what they told me. It’s not about corporate tax cuts.

“They want skilled workers… and they want to look at payroll tax.”