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Labor frontbencher gets caught out in awkward policy blunder

Labor is being slammed for backing a plan to speed up the medical transfer of asylum seekers.

Frontbencher Richard Marles was caught out during an interview with Sky News Political Editor David Speers.

He claimed the minister would be given the final say on evacuations from Manus Island and Nauru despite Labor actually voting on a bill that gives doctors the final say.

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Current Immigration Minister David Coleman tells John Stanley Labor has got no idea what it’s doing when it comes immigration policy.

“They don’t have to find a person who is sick, they merely have to say that they think the person should come to Australia for assessment.

“Then the minister has 24 hours to object on medical grounds, and what Labor minister is going to do that.

“And even if they do, they can be overruled by a medical panel.”

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