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Labor confident of election victory: ‘I’d rather be in our position than the other guys’

A senior opposition frontbencher concedes voters are turning away from the major parties.

The latest Newspoll survey shows Labor’s primary vote fell to 35 per cent, while the government also lost support.

As a result, the minor parties are gaining momentum.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen tells Alan Jones it’s a global trend.

“I think around the world, including in Australia, there has been, as you said, a fraying of the system of major parties.

“People are attracted to more minor parties, largely because people are hurting.”

Despite this, and the public’s dislike of Labor leader Bill Shorten, Mr Bowen believes his party is still on track to win the next federal election.

“I’d rather be in our position than the other guys.

“I don’t really get very excited about the preferred leader polls. I don’t think they’ve ever really been a useful guide to who’s going to win an election.

“Politicians will tell you they don’t look at the polls. That’s not true, of course we do.

“But we’re not run by the polls. They’re a useful guide to what people are thinking at any particular time.”

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