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‘Kill all men’: Controversial feminist booted from charity fundraiser

Chris Smith Exclusive
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Hardline feminist Clementine Ford has had her speech for a charity fundraiser cancelled after almost 14,000 people signed a petition against her appearance.

Suicide prevention group Lifeline has canned a domestic violence forum featuring the controversial feminist.

It comes as the aftermath of a Tweet the writer sent out saying, “Kill all men” (see below) in 2015.

When Ford was announced as a speaker for the event, her previous Tweets became the subject of scrutiny as many questioned how Lifeline could give Ford a platform considering how many men with mental health issues rely on the service.

The far-left feminist has also hit out at the budget after it announced it would cut financial assistance to the ABC.

In the since-deleted Tweet, Ford calls Treasuer Scott Morrison a “racist stain on humanity”.

One of Chris’ listeners managed to screenshot the Tweet as it was deleted shortly after.

“I kid you not,” says Chris.

“Who does she think she is to speak to a government minister like that. Who is she to speak to anyone like that?

“That’s a sackable offense, isn’t it?

“It’s just extraordinary. Disgusting stuff.”

Listen to Chris’ comments in full below

Chris Smith Exclusive