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Kerri-Anne Kennerley relives the moment she almost shot her husband

Australia’s queen of television Kerri-Anne Kennerley is one of the country’s most public people, but behind the glitz and glamour is a remarkable woman who’s spent her entire life battling to survive.

It started with her abusive first husband Jimmy Miller who she stood up to, pointing a gun at him at their home in New York.

Kerri-Anne joined 2GB’s Alan Jones in studio saying she was ready to pull the trigger.

“I still remember that moment vividly.

“When he got into a rage he wasn’t a nice person… and I just got to the line, that’s it, no more.

“I do remember picking up the gun and saying don’t come anywhere near me.”

While forging a 50 year television career, the girl from Queensland continued to fight adversity, surviving a battle with breast cancer before her greatest challenge yet.

In 2016 a freak fall left her second husband John a quadriplegic.

On their long road to recovery Kerri-Anne has penned the autobiography, reflecting on a lifetime of memories, good and bad.

‘A Bold Life’ is out now… click here for more information.

Listen to the full interview below