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‘Keep calm and carry on!’: PM urges Australians to get on with normal life

The Prime Minister is urging the nation to “keep calm and carry on” as the impact of the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Major events around the world are being called off and postponed as governments warn against mass gatherings.

This weekend’s Australian Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne is at risk of being called off. Team McLaren has already withdrawn after a staff member contracted COVID-19.

There have been 128 cases of the virus in Australia, with just three deaths.

Scott Morrison addressed the nation last night, the first time a prime minister has made such an appearance since Kevin Rudd during the global financial crisis.

The PM outlined a three-part plan – health, jobs and recovery – to guide the nation through the health crisis, fresh off the back of an $18-billion stimulus package to save protect the economy.

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Following his address, Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke with Alan Jones, again urging Australians not to panic.

He says there is no medical advice at this stage to suggest healthy Australians should avoid going about their normal business.

“I’ll be out supporting the Sharks on Saturday night. Unless there’s health advice, and we haven’t got that health advice to this point where those sorts of things have been cancelled, people should go about what they’re doing. Go to work. Exercise commonsense, common hygiene practices.

“It’s important for our economy and just our general wellbeing that people get on about their lives. Keep calm and carry on!

“We should continue to conduct ourselves rationally and sensibly, supporting each other. We’re going to get through this, Australia.”

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