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Katter Party won’t rule out alliance with ‘naughty’ Labor

Katter’s Australian Party are hoping to double their presence in Parliament as the major parties seek support from their smaller colleagues during a tight election race.

As the threat of a hung parliament looms, KAP leader Robbie Katter told Scott Emerson a Labor/Greens minority government would be “disastrous” for Queensland.

“Agriculture and mining are carrying the economy at the moment, and will carry it for the next couple of years.

“They’re the complete antithesis of those industries.”

Mr Katter described Labor as “the enemy” of the moment, but said he’d be willing to come to the negotiating table on policy issues like the Galilee Basin rail line, a mandatory minimum on ethanol in fuel, and the Bradfield scheme.

“They’ve been naughty to us in the bush.

“But we’ll consider anything if we feel it best aligns with our aspirations for Queensland.”

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Image: Facebook/Robbie Katter MP