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Karl Stefanovic gives it to ‘arrogant, up himself’ drug cheat Sun Yang

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Karl Stefanovic has slammed Chinese swimmer Sun Yang for his criticism of Australian champion Mack Horton.

After finishing second behind convicted drug cheat Sun Yang in the 400m freestyle final at the World Swim Championships, Mack Horton staged a silent protest by refusing to join him on the podium.

The Chinese swimmer was allowed to compete even though he’s under investigation for doping yet again, after he smashed vials of his blood samples in front of anti-doping testers earlier this year.

After the event Sun Yang, took aim at Mack Horton, saying he was disrespecting China with his actions.

But Karl Stefanovic says he’s 100 per cent behind the Aussie swimmer. He tells Steve Price that Sun Yang shouldn’t be allowed to compete.

“This guy’s obviously so arrogant, and so up himself.

“Then he gets off by saying that Mack is having a go at China. Well, I’m sorry Sun, but you’re the one who’s having a go at China. You think it’s a great reflection on Chinese society that you took drugs?!

“I can understand Mack’s frustration at not being able to swim in a race that’s clean.”

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