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Karl Stefanovic calls out Steve Price for ‘racist’ Uluru comments

Karl Stefanovic has made his highly-anticipated return to the media and called out Steve Price over his opinion on Uluru.

Steve Price has been accused of being “racist” after he appeared on the Today Show alongside Pauline Hanson and Deb Knight to discuss whether people should continue to climb the sacred Aboriginal site.

Steve believes if people can interact with Great Barrier Reef or the Kokoda Track then Uluru should continue to be open to tourists if properly managed.

In his first weekly segment on The Steve Price Show, Karl tells Steve there is no reason people should continue to climb it.

“They should not be climbing the rock, come on Steve, why do you need to climb it?

“There’s no reason that I would ever go there to climb the rock.”

But Steve hit back insisting Uluru can be managed like other sacred sites.

Steve: “I think you’re becoming a bit PC.”

Karl: “There’s no way…  Listen I have had a lot of time off to think about things and I am not PC.”

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