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‘Just unbelievable!’: Refugee protests ‘offensive’ to suffering business owners

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has blasted the Queensland government’s “hypocrisy” ahead of further refugee protests.

Kangaroo Point protesters are set to block Brisbane’s Story Bridge, with the support of Greens councillor Jonathan Sri, on the August 8 deadline set by activists.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has refused to make the protest illegal outright, infuriating Ray Hadley.

“This morning the best Steven Miles could do – the Deputy Premier and Health Minister – was ‘oh, please don’t do it’.

“When does common sense prevail?”

Peter Dutton condemned the Palaszczuk government’s ineffective response, accusing the Premier and Health Minister of “playing politics” ahead of an election.

“If you’re a business at the moment that is struggling to pay the bills … let’s be very clear, it’s quite offensive for those people to look at these organised protests where hundreds or thousands of people are gathering and completely flouting the law.

“There are businesses, pubs who have got two or three extra people in the restaurant … and they’ve been fined $5000.

“It’s just unbelievable! I think there’s an enormous amount of hypocrisy.”

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