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Julie Bishop: Australia is holding Russia responsible for downing of flight MH17

Macquarie National News

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia is holding Russia responsible for the downing of flight MH17.

A team of international investigators has ruled the missile which took down the Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine in 2014, belonged to the Russian Army.

298 people were killed, including 38 Australians.

“Australia and the Netherlands have now informed the Russian Federation that we hold it responsible under international law for its role in the bringing down of MH17,” Ms Bishop said on Friday evening.

The Foreign Minister has requested Russia “open up a dialogue about its conduct”.

She says the families of victims deserve justice and Australia will seek “reparations”.

On Friday morning, Ms Bishop told Alan Jones the finding that a Russian missile was responsible for the attack was “significant”.

“We now know it belonged to the Russian Federation’s 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade, this is a military brigade.

“The launch site was an agricultural field in eastern Ukraine which, at the time, was controlled by pro-Russian fighters.

“We are absolutely united in our commitment to pursue justice for all the innocent victims… and to hold to account those who are responsible for what was an atrocious act.

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