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Joe Hockey on President Trump: ‘When did you last have a president like that?’

Ambassador of Australia to the United States Joe hockey says he “completely underestimated America” before moving to Washington with his family in 2016.

Speaking with Alan Jones, the former Liberal MP shed light on his role and the significance of the relationship between the two nations.

“20 years in politics and in the Cabinet in the national security committee, I underestimated how significant the relationship is to Australia and to the security of Australians,” he says.

“They are our closest allies in the world.”

At an intelligence level, Mr Hockey says Australia is “arguably their closest partner”.

On controversial President Donald Trump, Mr Hockey says “the thing about Donald Trump is that he is authentic, in private… and publicly people see him as authentic”.

“He said he would cut taxes. He cut taxes. He said he would strengthen the American economy. He strengthened the American economy… He said he would pull out of Paris. He did that.

“He is someone who can go back to the American people and say emphatically say, ‘Here is what I promised. Here is what I have delivered’ and when did you last have a president like that?”

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