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Jim Molan warns Syria conflict could expose Australia’s ‘single point of failure’

Military experts warn Australia could be in serious trouble if the conflict in Syria escalates.

Allied forces launched more than 100 missiles into the country over the weekend, in response to the suspected chemical attack from the Assad regime.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned further Western attacks on Syria could throw world affairs into “chaos”.

Retired major-general, Liberal Senator Jim Molan tells Alan Jones, if a major conflict did break out, it would have “really serious consequences, both for the world and Australia”.

“We stand in real trouble and this is a single point of failure for Australia.

“At the moment, from my estimations in relation to petrol, we have something between 19 to 24 days Alan.

“In relation to diesel, we have something between 12 to 17 days.

“And in relation to aviation fuel… we’ve got something like 17 to 19 days.”

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