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Janet Albrechtsen slams unqualified women being gifted board positions

Leading columnist for The Australian, Janet Albrechtsen, has called out the gender politics crippling boardrooms around the country.

It comes in support of Chris Corrigan, who Ms Albrechtsen describes as Australia’s only corporate superhero.

Mr Corrigan has a history of cutting through the crap, responsible for smashing the union movement that crippled our ports in the 90s.

Last year he met his match though, bullied into resigning from ASX 200 company Qube last year because he refused to appoint women to the board based on their gender alone.

He says disgraced AMP Chairwoman Catherine Brenner is case-in-point as to why women shouldn’t be promoted above their ability.

Ms Albrechtsen tells Alan Jones the political correctness is degrading to women.

“This group of men appointing women to boards because that makes them feel good and they can all pat themselves on the back and say, ‘I’ve done my bit and ‘I’ll get invited to all the right events and people will think I’m a wonderful human being and I’ve done my bit of virtue signalling,.

“These are the most patronising group of men I have come across. Please don’t any of them ever consider me for a board.

“I would be horrified to have a male champion of change give anything to me, let me do it on my own.”

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