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Janet Albrechtsen slams ‘infiltration of politics’ at our universities

Smithy’s All-Star Janet Albrechtsen has taken aim at Australia’s universities for attacking free-thinking.

A listener sent Chris Smith a political studies essay question given by Macquarie University.

The question read:

“With reference to detention without charge laws, why does Australia’s political elite appear to believe that national security is more important than individual liberty, freedom and the presumption of innocence?”

Janet isn’t having a bar of it, saying it’s a symptom of a much bigger problem.

“That is just a pathetic form of words but it points to the infiltration of politics that has been happening steadily and consistently at every university campus that I’ve been involved in,” she says.

“When I started tutoring at Sydney Law school… these were first-year students and the subjects were ‘women in the law’, ‘minorities in the law’.

“These kids had worked their butt-off to get into law and they’re being fed politics.

“I looked at their glazed faces and I thought, you deserve better than this.”

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