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Jane Seymour reveals the challenges of filming a movie in the COVID era

Bond girl Jane Seymour has opted to endure 14 days of quarantine and a COVID-safe set in order to film a project near and dear to her heart.

Ms Seymour will star as a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease in Ruby’s Choice, currently being filmed in Sydney.

On set, the crew wear face masks and a COVID marshall takes temperature checks, the actress told Deborah Knight.

“Fortunately there’s no love scenes here.

“That could be problematic!

“We’re finding other ways to show that we care about people without kissing.”

The necessary adjustments have been worthwhile for Ms Seymour, whose own life has been impacted by the subject matter.

“The fact that I was allowed to come here and make this really important movie, at this time, was really quite spectacular.

“It’s not just another movie … it’s also dealing with something incredibly important.

“50 per cent of the proceeds is going to go to the Alzheimer’s project.”

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Image: Jane Seymour/Instagram