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‘Jail them!’: Mark Latham wants disruptive climate protesters behind bars

As climate activists wreak havoc across the country this week, Mark Latham is calling for jail sentences for disruptive protesters.

Activist group Extinction Rebellion caused chaos again on Tuesday, with one man suspending himself from Brisbane’s Story Bridge while multiple protesters attempted to block roads in Sydney.

Brisbane ringleader Eric ‘Serge’ Herbert faced court again yesterday, once more escaping without a conviction.

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham tells Alan Jones the public has had enough and it’s about time magistrates started imposing tougher sentences.

“They’ve got to jail them!

“There was a guy yesterday on his seventh offence who was given 30 hours of community service… it renders that system a joke.

“These people who go out of their way to disrupt and hurt the livelihood and the convenience of others, well they should be locked up.”

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