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‘I’m not going to shut up’: Jacinta Price hits back at ‘un-Australian’ accusations

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Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price has commented on Australia’s national achievements toward Aboriginal Australia.

The Indigenous leader and Director of Indigenous Research at the Centre for Independent Studies told Ray Hadley she finds recent rhetoric from the left of politics about institutional racism “absurd”.

“People do not want to … admit and recognise that we do accept violence culturally.

“It’s evident that Aboriginal people, we are committing crimes! If we want to lower the rates of black deaths in custody, and incarceration, then we’ve got to stop committing these crimes: it’s fairly simple.”

Ms Price has faced considerable backlash for sharing her perspective.

“When I talk about these sorts of things, I am howled down and called all sorts of names, in an attempt to shut me up.

“But what people don’t realise is I’m not going to shut up.”

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Ms Price took to social media to label recent the accusations of racism and bigotry towards Aboriginals as “un-Australian”.

“I felt it wasn’t only necessary to defend my home and the country I love but to also provide the overwhelming evidence that demonstrates these accusations are lies,” she wrote.

She goes on to list our nation’s achievements toward Aboriginal Australia.

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