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‘It’s the only way’: Ray Hadley’s appeal to generous listeners

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One in six Australian kids are growing up in poverty, and charities say COVID-19 has made the problem even worse. 

The Smith Family CEO Dr Lisa O’Brien told Ray Hadley the shift to online/at-home learning has deepened the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students.

Many children don’t have access to technology, a quiet space in the home to study, or even safety in the most extreme cases.

For older students, she says loss of part-time work “is an extra blow” to their motivation and self-esteem as they set out to break the cycle of poverty.

“There’s a delightful young woman who we’ve been supporting for some years: an Aboriginal girl who’s at university now, she’s 20, she’s studying medicine, and she is really keen to pursue her studies and make the most of herself.

“She was helping support herself with part time work, she lost her job.”

Ray made a heartfelt appeal to listeners to donate whatever cash they can spare to the Smith Family’s winter appeal.

“It’s the only way these people can be sustained.

“Don’t forget it’s getting colder and colder, and the kids need help.

“No matter what amount, we need to help.”

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