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‘It’s satire!’: Ray Hadley takes aim at cancel culture as it claims latest victim

Ray Hadley has taken aim at cancel culture after streaming platform, Netflix, removed four of Australian comedian Chris Lilley’s programs from its library.

Cancel culture is the withdrawing support for companies who have done or said something considered offensive.

The four shows – We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights HighAngry Boys and Jonah From Tonga – were originally broadcast on the ABC but have recently come under scrutiny over the portrayal of non-white characters.

In the programs, Chris Lilley played an African-American rapper, a Tongan schoolkid and several Asian characters.

The decision comes just a day after the BBC pulled sketch comedy show Little Britain from its library.

“Have we got to the stage in life where we’re going to ban everything?” Ray said.

“Simply because someone who doesn’t get to say what perhaps they want to say in relation to all this, starts wringing their hands?

“I mean for goodness sake! Maybe it’s a time we need to reflect where we’re heading as a society.

“The world has definitely gone mad and it’s got nothing to do with the virus!

“It’s the politically correct taking over everything! If satire dies and comedy dies won’t we be a miserable lot of bastards?”

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