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‘It’s havoc’: Queensland flood update

North Queensland farmers are still reeling after recent floods saw an area “bigger than the country of England” covered in water.

Reports of more than half a million dead cattle have now jumped to an estimated 1.5 million.

Thousands of kilometres of fencing has been washed away along with agricultural top soil.

Instead of ending the drought, the extreme amount of water has made rebuilding even harder than before.

“It was Noah’s Arc stuff,” says Alan Jones.

“You’ve kept your cattle alive in drought, and you can’t keep them alive when the rain comes.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given farmers grants of $75,000, but only to those whose primary source of income is from the land.

Retired Major-General Stuart Smith is the Queensland State Recovery Co-ordinator.

He tells Alan Jones he’s working with the local mayors to create a solution that encompasses all victims of the floods.

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