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‘It’s happening, for sure and certain’: Ray Hadley confirms challenge against Malcolm Turnbull


Ray Hadley confirms forces are rallying to challenge Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership in the next two weeks.

Newscorp reports 10 MPs are threatening to cross the floor and several frontbenchers are considering resigning over the National Energy Guarantee debacle.

After hearing the report Ray called on his contacts within the government to see if it was true.

He phoned Chris Smith’s program saying, “It’s happening, for sure and certain”.

“I’ve been working the phones all morning. I can confirm that those 10 backbenchers and a couple of people on the frontbench have grown considerably in the last 24 to 48 hours.”

The next Newspoll will be relased on Monday, Septemebr 27 and would be Malcolm Turnbull’s 39th consecutive loss to Labor.

It’s believed Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton will be the catalyst for a challenge against Malcolm Turnbull.

Ray says he’s “100%” certain this will happen

“I’m convinced having spoken to people this morning since I’ve come off air, that it’s on, there will be a move.

“I don’t think until Monday-week when the next Newspoll is out, but if the news is as bad as we all think it will be for the Coalition government…

“And the bloke who’s in as much danger as the Prime Minister, probably more, is the Deputy Prime Minister who is as weak as water and the Nationals have had a gutful of him.”

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