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‘It’s extremely dangerous’: Doctors slam Pete Evans latest health advice

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Celebrity chef, Pete Evans is in hot water again for spruiking a bogus energy device claiming to treat coronavirus.

Pete is no stranger to controversy, in the past he has been critisised heavily for peddling a paleo cookbook for babies, supporting anti-vaxxers, ridiculing the use of sunscreen, and being anti-wifi.

This week the My Kitchen Rules star featured in a live online video promoting a US$14,990 (AU$23,605.61) energy device that has a recipe for ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ treatment.

Sydney GP, Brad McKay tells Ben Fordham there’s a lot of sciency sounding words used on the device’s website, but based on nothing that’s actually tangible when it comes to your health.

“When proper scientists are working really hard to find a vaccine and to find a cure for the virus, this is sort of slapping everybody in the face.

“To say that you can gather around… basically, what looks like an electric heater… and tune it to a certain frequency, that it’s going to protect you from getting coronavirus, it’s extremely dangerous for that to happen.

“What will it take to shut Pete Evans up, and to shut down these bizarre claims that he has regarding people’s health?”

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Image: Facebook / Chef Pete Evans