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‘It’s diabolical’: Australian captain Tim Paine discusses the ‘appalling’ flaw in his game

Australian captain Tim Paine has been the most successful wicketkeeper in the world since making his Test debut… but he’s got one major flaw in his game.

The 34-year-old was a late-comer to the Test arena, getting his first chance in the Ashes in November 2017.

Since then he’s taken 66 catches and made four stumpings, the most wicketkeeping dismissals of any other player in the world over that period.

But Alan Jones has questioned him on the one part of his game that he admits is “diabolical”.

“With all the praise that I’ve been giving you, and it’s all deserved, there’s one thing at which you are appalling,” says Alan.

“You can’t win a toss!”

Paine has won just one coin toss in his eight Tests as skipper – the worst record of any captain in the history of the game.

Tim Paine laughs off the well-intended criticism, admitting he’s fully aware of his poor record.

“I am aware of that. I’ve been told.

“Oh God. It’s been diabolical,” he admits.

“It’s hard to win Test matches when you lose the toss, I’m finding out as well.”

Tim Paine goes on to discuss the change in culture he’s tried to implement and the imminent return of Steve Smith and David Warner.

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The second Test between Australia and Sri Lanka gets underway in Canberra on Friday.

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