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“It’s an investment”: ARLC Chairman calls on the government to assist rugby league

ARLC Chair Peter V’Landys says it’s crucial for the Federal Government to help all sports as they deal with spread of COVID-19.

Mr V’Landys has told The Continuous Call Team without assistance, the impact on sport in Australia, including rugby league, will be dire.

“The government should include the NRL in their economic stimulus…it’s not a handout….it’s an investment”.

In response to criticism from some who say the money would be better spent elsewhere, he says the long term benefit of investing in the NRL far outweighs any cost, and he’s emphasised the money they’re asking for is not money to players, rather, to all aspects of the game.

“Tens of thousands of people directly or indirectly rely on rugby league”.

Mr V’Landys also thanked the NZ Warriors for choosing to stay in Australia, following Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement yesterday of strict travel restrictions.

“Their decision to stay in Australia was vital to the competition”.

The NRL is providing assistance to family members of the players.

When asked about the NRL’s response to the threat of coronavirus, he says they’ve left everything on the table because the situation is fluid and the game needs to be agile.

“The wrong decision could be catastrophic”.