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‘It’s a rotten sort of thing… and there’s no cure’: Ray Hadley in hospital

Ray Hadley has been hospitalised with a painful and ongoing medical condition.

He was unable to go to air with The Continuous Call Team on Saturday due to a severe bout of diverticulitis.

The condition, where small pockets in the wall of the bowel become infected or inflamed, can attack out of the blue.

If not treated immediately it can cause the infection to spread.

Ray called in to update Mark Levy, Bob Fulton, Darryl Brohman and Erin Molan on his condition, and to assure listeners he’s on the mend.

“It’s a rotten sort of thing… and there’s no cure,” he says.

“I’ll be out of here tomorrow morning and back at work on Monday, all being well.”

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Ray chose not to tell his children he was in hospital, so they didn’t worry… but news travels fast in the world of media.

He was in the emergency room for no more than 10 minutes when Phil “Buzz” Rothfield texted him, asking “are you ok”?

Not long after, Ray says his eldest daughter Laura called him asking what was going on.

So, Ray wants to assure listeners he is doing okay and is keeping an eye (or ear) on the show!

“I’ll be listening to The Continuous Call Team all night!”