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‘It virtually becomes a lottery’: Ex-cricketer Ed Cowan slams squad selection

The Australian cricket team has flown out to the UAE ahead of next month’s tests against Pakistan.

Selectors have been criticised for leaving the likes of Glenn Maxwell out of their 15-man squad.

“Many observers of the game are struggling to figure out how they picked the 15-man squad, it’s a dog’s breakfast,” says Alan Jones.

There’s even a new piece of criteria that rewards batsmen who regularly score over 30.

Player turned commentator Ed Cowan tells Alan Jones selectors seem to be making it up as they go along.

“They’ve decided to come up with a metric that suits their selection on this occasion,” says Cowan.

“I’m sure that metric will change next week when they choose another team and probably change the week after that when they go again to pick another team.”

Cowan says this is a problem that has angered him for some time and it isn’t a one-off issue.

“If you’re going to continually move the goal posts on selection and create these falsehoods around why we picked the team… it virtually becomes a lottery,” he says.

“How does that create a culture of high performance?”

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