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‘It needs to cut through’: Big Guns call for clear coronavirus advice

The big guns agree Prime Minister Scott Morrison needs to be clearer in his government’s messages about coronavirus.

Graham Richardson tells Ben Fordham that it isn’t too late for the government to get things back in hand.

He says, “It hasn’t been handled brilliantly you’d have to say, but there’s time to fix it because we are gonna be in this crisis for a while. So we’ve just got to knuckle down, get our message out to every Australian in clear and simple terms about what’s on and what’s not on.”

Peta Credlin says the government is hard at work dealing with this health crisis but needs to work on the way they share information.

“I think the PM could be clearer in his communication, there is a lack of clarity. I don’t think the health messages are being well heard.

“I think the health messages where the anxiety and, I think, the real concern in the community is at. And that hasn’t cut through as much as it needs to cut through.”

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