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‘It is a national disaster’: QLD Farmers face a devastating future

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Queensland farmers are facing heartbreaking conditions, weeks after devastating floods inundated 22 million hectares of land. 

Senator Linda Reynolds has been acting as the Prime Minister’s envoy in North Queensland and tells Alan Jones, “it is a national disaster”.

“It is like an inland tsunami has just ripped through these people’s properties.”

Reynolds has just signed the Carcass Disposal Strategic Master Plan as part of the government’s flood response.

She says the region is now facing a major health risk with hundreds of thousands of dead cattle strewn across farmland and waterways.

“Most people in the city could not imagine what it would be like walking outside your front door and seeing and smelling dead cattle.”

Despite the devastating future facing farmers, Reynolds says she’s seen “the absolute best of Australians” in response to the floods.

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Earlier in the program, Alan received a touching note from Max in the small town of Winton in Central West Queensland.

Max shares an incredible story of six blokes who travelled 800 kilometres to help farmers with the cleanup.

“They brought two loaders, bobcats, an excavator and a bulldozer.

“They’re not asking for anything, they’re just helping out.

“Words can’t describe what this kindness means.”

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