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Is this the next Man Monis? ‘Terrorism offender’ to be released without any supervision


A man convicted of terrorism offences who has shown no signs of rehabilitation and still claims to hate Australia will be released without supervision.

Mohamed Naaman is a life-long criminal, a paranoid schizophrenic, a drug addict and Islamic State supporter and has expressed his desire to become a suicide bomber.

He was released from jail on August 2 after his sentence for attacking a prison officer expired.

The 43-year-old from Syria has since been jailed again for repeatedly breaching temporary supervision orders.

But, Ray Hadley reveals all supervision orders have now been dismissed after a shocking ruling in the NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Justice Desmond Fagan handed down the decision, with Ray saying it’s actions like this that led to the Lindt Cafe siege.

“This is exactly a replica of Man Monis.

“This is a dangerous man. Mentally unstable and yet he’s not supervised under the Anti Terror Act of NSW in 2017.”

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The federal government will examine whether it can deport Naaman.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley he will personally look into it.

“Let me find out his situation, why it hasn’t happened, whether it’s available to us.

“If these people want to go live in caves in the Middle East and practice their ideology, good luck to them.

“We don’t want them here!”

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