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Is there a problem with the new $50 note?

There are reports some Commonwealth Bank ATMs are having trouble withdrawing the new $50 notes, but the bank says that’s not the case.

Listeners from all across the country are calling in to tell Ross Greenwood they’re experiencing issues with the new note.

Bankers, technicians and those who are simply trying to withdraw – or in some cases deposit – money are all saying the same thing.

The new note comes with its problems.

In some instances, people attempting to withdraw cash are seeing machines shut down right before them.

In a statement to Money News, Commonwealth Bank says all “CBA ATMs and deposit machines have the ability to dispense the new note”.

Listener Brian says it could come down to a calibration issue, where an ATM thinks the new note is a counterfeit.

The Reserve Bank briefed Money News and indicated some older ATMs might have issues.

However, indicated these machines are likely to be taken out of circulation in the near future.

An ATM technician then called into the show, telling Ross “opacity sensor triggering” is causing notes to stick together, and not dispense properly.

He says the new notes are not the same length or thickness as the original $50 note causing issues in the ATMs as they don’t stack correctly.

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