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Is living alone a blessing or a curse?

Two million Aussies live alone, with solo dwellers the fastest growing demographic in Australia.

But living alone doesn’t need to be lonely, some even consider it the ultimate luxury.

Jane Matthews, author of The Art of Living Alone and Loving It, shares all on how to embrace living alone.

Speaking with Chris Smith, she says the rise in people living alone is down to more people getting divorced, getting married later in the life and becoming widows.

“It’s really a combination of those three.

“Some people choose to live alone, the majority don’t. Frankly, most people who live alone have had their hand played for them.”

Jane tells Chris when she got divorced, it was completely unexpected.

“I never expected to be in my 50s and living by myself.

“I was really ill-prepared.

“I tried to find a book that would teach me and I couldn’t, so I wrote one.”

She says she wrote the book because she wanted help in navigating some of the “treacherous shallows of living alone”.

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